Passionate Team.

Arfa Islamic institute online is a Quran teaching company that provides Quran classes for students worldwide. We are one of the leading Quran academies in the world teaching Quran for many years. We have designed special courses for kids and elders both. We have a team of certified and experienced teachers, both male and female.

Our vision is to provide western Muslims the best opportunity to learn the Quran Online, equipped with the latest technology. Our aim is for people of all ages and all around the world. What motivated us to start this Quran learning website is the fact that Muslims living in western or non-Muslim countries are deprived of the hands-on facility to learn the Holy Quran on daily basis due to lack of mosques or their being located far from the mosques and Quran teaching institutes.

We also understand the fact that Muslims in North America and Western countries prefer to learn Quran from experienced tutors who can let them learn Quran with tajweed. For that matter, we are up to hiring the most qualified Quran tutors.

The aim is to provide you with the best online Quran classes in the comfort of your own home. Our classes are for people of all age groups, kids, young, old. We have a range of tutors for both male and female students. All you need is a Computer/Laptop/Mobile, a fast internet connection, and a headphone set and you are all ready and setup to learn to read Quran online.

Our Quran Tutors

1. Graduated from recognized Institutes, and Universities

2. Expert in Quran with Tajweed

3. Possess Training & Teaching Skills

4. Friendly & Tender nature